Conference Materials

Welcome!  Below you will find an outline of the 3-day conference line up, with links to keynotes or panels that are available.  If you are not finding a link below, it means that we do not have access to it at this time.  Thank you for your understanding.

Conference Day 1 Line Up & Recorded Items: Day 1 Opening & Keynote Link

Opening: Lakota Prayer And Dakota Honor Song, Jim Clairmont (Lakota), Austin Owen (Dakota): Minute mark 38:00 – 52:30

Conference Host Greetings: Raj Sethuraju, Virginia Arthur, Metropolitan State University President: Minute mark 52:32 – 1:04:00

Welcome to St. Paul: Jason Sole from Mayor Melvin Carter’s Office, St. Paul, MN: Minute mark 1:04:00 – 1:12:15

Conference welcome from RPI Conference Committee & logistics: Minute mark 1:12:15 – 1:15:28

Restorative Invitation (intro to theme and reading of restorative invitation): Minute mark 1:15:28 – 1:19:55

Keynote: In the Absence of Justice, Stephanie Autumn: Minute mark 1:19:55-2:13:50

Afternoon Panel: Perspectives from People of Color: Colorizing and Decolonizing Restorative Practices, Raj Sethuraju (Moderator), Stephanie Autumn, Robin Wonsley, Alexis Goffe, Edward Valandra: Partial recording of panel found here


Conference Day 2 Line Up & Recorded Items: 

Opening:  The Somali Museum Dance Troupe, Manager Mohamoud Osman Mohamed: Minute mark 31:25-54:00

Daily Welcome: Natasha Lapcinski, IRPC Coordinator, Beth Bailey, Community Mediation & Restorative Services, Inc.
Rep. Carlos Mariani Rosa, MN House of Representatives: Minute mark 54:00-1:10:00

Keynote: Using Educaring for Children with Disrupted Destinies: Restoring Communities of Care and Practice – Judy Atkinson: Minute mark 1:10:00-2:08:40

Panel: Perspectives from Practitioners of Color: Trauma, Healing, and Restoration Andre Koen (Moderator), Bao Vue, Sam Simmons, Sheryl Wilson, Lee Buckley, Judy Atkinson: Minute mark 4:30-1:25:28 Day 2 Panel Link


Conference Day 3 Line Up & Recorded Items: Keynote Day 3

Opening: Colorful Girl Magic Creator and Singer – Aniya Spears

Daily Welcome: Margaret Thorsborne  & Peta Blood, Restorative Practices International; Raj Sethuraju, Elder Recognitions;
Commissioner Kevin M. Lindsey, MN Dept. of Human Rights

Keynote: Always it is by bridges that we live: considerations in building a restorative world picture, Chris Straker

Afternoon Panel: Perspectives from Change Agents of Color Brenda Burnside (Moderator), Dominique Diaddigo Cash, Anika Bowie, Becky McCammon, Alicia Mobley, Christopher Melendez, and Chris Straker


To view the complete conference guide, and other information, feel free to view or download the contents below.

downloadable conference guide here.

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