Restoring the Cosmic Feminine Relationships at Wakan Tipi and Indian Mounds Park

Thursday Night TOUR
Tour Name: Restoring the Cosmic Feminine Relationships at Wakan Tipi and Indian Mounds Park
Tour Host: Indigenous Educational Design with Jim Rock
Date/Time: Thurs., August 9, 2018 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm (flexible).
Approximately 45 minutes above and 45 minutes below river bluff
Sunrise 6:07 AM @ 66.5 degrees & Sunset 8:28 PM @ 293 degrees
Description and Logistics:
This tour involves an Indigenous Dakota interpretation and discussion of three sacred sites of inter-related mounds and caves. The two mound sites are separated along and upon the eastern Mississippi river bluff by about 0.7 miles; while Wakan Tipi cave is at the end of a walk from the entrance of what is today called Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary (since 2005 See: beneath the Third Street bridge at Commercial Street. This will be the future site of the Wakan Tipi Interpretive Center when we raise the matching funds. We will not be entering the caves as we walk in front of them to interpret the cosmology, history, symbolism and sacred cultural significance of this Dakota origin site.
This tour is the story of healing a century and a half of its existence as a toxic waste site (post-railroad EPA Brownfield designation) to its restoration as a multi-millennial place of our Dakota genesis and garden-prairie-wetland story. Therefore, this is really the story of Indigenous people healing our enduring, place-based relationship with our ancestral Earth Mother – with or without up stander allies. Contact with colonial settlers and their values has resulted in the toxic domination and abuse of Indigenous land, water, people and values, and the continuing 1862 exile of Mni Sota’s original Dakota residents. As Dr. Waziyatawin asks in her 2008 book: “What Does Justice Look Like? The Struggle for Liberation in Dakota Homeland.”
So we will begin the tour at the Indian Mounds Regional Park Pavilion at the corner of Earl St. and Mounds Blvd. This is about 1.7 miles from Metro State. We would spend around 40 minutes (for stories, activities, Q&A) at the Mounds Park Site of 6 remaining mounds (from original 18 mounds) before driving northwesterly 0.7 miles down Mounds Blvd. to a brief stop at the site of 19 mounds (zero remain today) over the Wakan Tipi Cave at the “Carver’s Cave” plaque (since 1766) to discuss the Doctrine of Discovery and its continuing chokehold on these Globally Significant Sacred Sites (10-15 minutes) still not labelled as such. We then turn left from Plum St. and Mounds Blvd and head left down Commercial Street to 4th St. under the Kellogg/3rd St Bridge at the entrance to Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary. From this entrance we walk approximately 0.5 mile down to the cave (1.0 mile round trip) pausing for stories and activities (40-45 min).
Limited to 40 people; the fee is $10/person.