St. Paul, Minnesota, United States

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St. Paul is the state capitol of the state of Minnesota. There are many things to do and see, and there are wonderful opportunities for walks, sight-seeing and to visit other areas.
State of Minnesota:
City of St. Paul

Metropolitan State University

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Metro State University has a few locations throughout the metro area, and the location of the conference will be at the St. Paul location.  Please visit here for a map of the campus, information on parking and getting to the campus.

St. Paul’s average temperature during the time of the conference, during the month of August, is 62-82 degrees Fahrenheit or 16-28 Celsius/Centigrade.

St. Paul has a humid and warm climate during the summer months, but the weather can be quite changeable. We suggest having layers and being prepared in case of cooler weather and/or rain.

All international visitors are required to have a valid passport and may need entry visas (please check with your travel agent). Visas may be required and can be applied for, and issued from, the United States government representatives in major cities throughout the world.

The official currency of the Conference is the United States dollar. The currency in the USA is decimal, with the dollar (USD$) as the basic unit and 100 cents to the dollar. As the rates fluctuation over time, it is recommended that delegates check the current exchange rates.
Voltage 120v power is standard throughout the United States. Please purchase an adaptor suitable to your needs. The conference committee is unable to provide adaptors.

Travel insurance
In the event of industrial disruptions or natural disasters, personal injury or damage to persons or property occurring before or during the conference, none of the sponsors can accept responsibility for any losses incurred by attendees. Personal Travel Insurance is highly recommended and is the responsibility of the individual. Please check with your travel agent or an insurance broker.